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Konstantinos Grigoriou

Assistant Professor, Department of Management and International Business

What types of individuals and skills are needed by knowledge-based organizations to become more innovative? Hear Dr. Grigoriou explain how collaborative behavior provides an answer to companies looking for the next new great idea.

My passion shows in the classroom.

Konstantinos Grigoriou is now an assistant professor in the Department of Management and International Business.

Dr. Grigoriou’s dissertation is titled “Essays on the microfoundations of the knowledge-based view: human capital, knowledge networks and innovation strategy.” He is involved in a number of research projects including one on origins, mobility and life-cycle of relational stars; another on technical entrepreneurship and the origins of technological opportunities in incumbent failure; and a third on retention of critical human capital and innovative performance after merger or large acquisition events.

Grigoriou’s co-authored paper “Structural microfoundations of innovation: relational stars, inventive output and productivity” won the Best PhD Paper Award at the 2010 Strategic Management Society conference in Rome, Italy.

His PhD, in strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship, is from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, and his Bachelor in Applied Informatics is from University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

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