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Maria M. Garcia

Visiting Instructor, Department of Marketing

In an age of globalization and technology, how can we change behavior and activate consumers to be more involved? Listen to how Dr. Garcia’s research on corporate social responsibility looks at ways organizations engage with society.

A great teacher is one who is inspiring and is inspired by their students.

Dr. Garcia recently published “Framing sustainability: a visual analysis of multinational companies,” in the Journal of Marketing Communications, and “Perception is truth: how U.S. newspapers framed the ‘Go Green’ conflict between BP and Greenpeace,” in Public Relations Review, both refereed journals.

She presented “ E-marketing and globalization: a constant evolution,” at the STEP Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; “News coverage of the British presence in Iraq and the British public’s response: a comparison of al Jazeera and BBC News,” and “The tool of today’s trade in shaping new democracies: insights from Arab youths from the West to the Middle East,” at the Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators, Beirut, Lebanon; “The editorial green debate: a comparison of the framing of environmental issues in the Columbia Tribune and St. Louis Post-Dispatch” at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, St. Louis, Missouri; and “Action and Reaction: how U.S. newspapers framed the ‘Go Green’ conflict between BP and Greenpeace,” at the Institute for Public Relations Research Conference, Miami, Florida.

She holds a PhD in journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri; a Master of Science in mass communication from FIU; and a bachelor’s in communication from University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois.

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