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Peter Magnusson

Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing

Dr. Magnusson discusses how a single brand’s reputation can either elevate—or drag down—how we perceive its home country.

Once students have data analysis skills, they have more than just opinions.

Peter Magnusson has joined the Department of Marketing as an assistant professor.

Among Dr. Magnusson’s recent co-authored refereed articles are “Responsiveness to Global and Local Consumer Culture Positioning: A Personality and Collective Identity Perspective” in Journal of International Marketing, two in International Marketing Review: “What? I thought Samsung was Japanese: accurate or not, perceived country of origin matters” and “Further clarification on how perceived brand origin affects brand attitude: a reply to Samiee and Usunier”; and “Dimensions of fit between a brand and a social cause and their influence on attitudes,” in International Journal of Research in Marketing.

He gave three presentations at the Academy of International Business Conference in Nagoya, Japan: “What happens to brand Japan when Toyota suddenly accelerates?” “Should organizational culture mimic or differentiate from national culture? A cross-cultural examination of marketing and sales alignment on firm performance,” and “An examination of cultural distance asymmetry on subsidiary performance.”

He has a PhD in international business and marketing from Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri, and an MBA and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.

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